Cut-Off Wheels

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Recently started this product in 4" – (105 mm x 1.2mm x 16 mm) which is a general purpose hardware item. Colors available – Black, Green, Red (both Single & Double Mesh).

Currently we are servicing our existing dealer network under the brandname “ GoodCut” & “ Macro”.

Thin Cutting Wheels :

This product manufactured in India under the concept of "Make in India" in order to promote domestic manufacturing and to reduce dependence on imported goods.

Though with German-concept machinery, the entire process technology was formulated and devised in India with our internal technical experts - who have extensive knowledge on abrasive processing.

Currently doing 4" (105 mm) thin cutting wheel - which has widely used in construction, fabrication and engineering industries.

Product Specification : 105 mm x 1.2 mm x 16 mm

Colors available – Black, Green, Red (both Single & Double Mesh)